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  • Psychological Assessment and Therapy Services for children, teens, and adults in Los Angeles and Online Across California

    Why choose Neuron & Rose for your psychology needs?

    Do any of the following resonate with you?

    You feel lost in life.

    You’ve noticed the spark is gone from your relationship.

    Your confidence is at an all-time low.

    You’re struggling to motivate yourself to do anything.

    You feel like something is missing in your life.

    If so, I’m here to help. Contact me for a free consultation to see if we are a good fit for therapy services.

    Psychological Evaluations

    I can help figure out what is going on, whether you cannot seem to make progress in therapy, think you may need accommodations for the SATs or MCAT, your child is struggling in school, or simply want to learn more about yourself.

    Testing can help give you and your family clarity on the best ways to get on track to success.

    Let’s get started with a free consultation.

    What our clients have to say

    “Dr. Hogan is a practitioner who cares and believes in the work that she is doing, and I have only experienced interactions with her that left me feeling fulfilled, productive, and ready to explore aspects of myself that I didn’t quite know before.”

    After a few weeks of evaluations and tests, she briefed me on the results. From what I thought was going to be a “yes” or “no” answer turned into a moment that changed my life forever. Dr. Hogan provided me with resources and professional support and went the extra mile to ensure that I would understand how to move forward from our professional interaction and beyond. There was no such thing as a wrong question or a ‘TMI'”

    Her professionalism, awareness, and responsiveness to how I felt throughout the entire process and how she has conducted the evaluations have been nothing short of absolutely phenomenal. I didn’t feel like a patient who felt like there was something wrong with her, and I felt like I was having a simple conversation with Dr. Hogan.

    About Dr. Jessica Hogan, PsyD

    I am an authentic, encouraging, and expressive psychologist that can help you get your life back on track.

    I provide care for those experiencing high stress, excessive amounts of worry, and feeling overwhelmed in life.

    I help you and your family gain clarity by providing thorough and comprehensive assessments.

    What makes me different is that I can be serious about painful situations but also find humor in them. Let’s chat and see if I am a good fit for your particular situation.

    I offer services either in-person or telehealth.

    On your initial consultation call, we will discuss what will be the best fit for your needs.